Blanes Instruments

Blanes Instruments (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive agent and distributor in South Africa for Ametek (incorporating Jofra and Crystal Engineering), Jogler, A & W Devices, Holmatra, Gearench and Guide sensmart.


Black Economic Empowerment is a social and economic imperative in South Africa and BLANES is committed to supporting government policies with regard to BEE. In 2003 we initiated reforms and development programmes that resulted in the BLANES EMPLOYEES TRUST owning 26% of the company. In 2018 we reviewed these programmes and are proud to advise that the BLANES EMPLOYEES TRUST now owns 51% of the company. We are a fully BEE compliant company and we can proudly say that our employees are provided with adequate and fair compensation and are presented with many opportunities for personal development. We have a strong company policy of caring and sharing with the less fortunate members of our community.